Reforesting Austin’s Riparian Zones and Parks
City of Austin
Project Operator: TreeFolks, Inc.
Project Type: Planting
# of Trees: 1290
Credits: Committed

TreeFolks has partnered with City of Austin’s Watershed Protection Department and City of Austin’s Parks and Recreation Department to create planting projects across the city. Through the efforts of our staff and our many volunteers, TreeFolks has made great strides in slowing the tide of deforestation in Austin, TX. Community members, from preschoolers to singles clubs, and boy scouts to park rangers, have been engaged as volunteer planters in our projects. Through the many benefits of reforestation and community involvement, we expect our plan to locally increase canopy cover and sequester carbon will be successful both in generating enough Carbon+ Credits to help meet Austin’s 2020 Carbon Neutrality goals and creating a better city for current and future residents.

TreeFolks is submitting this application for the programmatic ability to use the Tree Planting Protocol developed by City Forest Credits in order to generate Carbon+ Credits. Proceeds from these Credits will go to fund project management and future expansion. This project will serve as a pilot for a carbon sequestration program covering 900 miles of creeks and streams in and around Austin, TX. Austin, TX is committed to the reforestation of the city and the surrounding areas through continued support of carbon sequestration projects with TreeFolks in order to generate local carbon credits and the myriad co-benefits available.

These planting projects serve to increase canopy cover and diversity in riparian zones and parklands around Austin, TX. Through increased diversity, these plantings will provide food and habitat for local wildlife and buffer against the possibility of a catastrophic loss of Austin’s urban forest. Increased canopy cover and forest density will improve the functionality of the drainage basins and surrounding ecosystems along with ameliorating the urban area’s heat island effects. These plantings also serve to engage local community members with their environment and beautify Austin’s local streams by creating a lasting, impactful change for the better on the city landscape.

Through the proceeds from the sale of credits generated with these plantings, TreeFolks will be able to develop future planting projects. These initial plantings are intended to serve as a pilot program for a massive reforestation effort on 900 miles of creeks and streams in the watershed of the City of Austin and the surrounding area. We intend to bring the benefits of landscape scale reforestation efforts to the area in an effort to fight the loss of shade and greenery that is threatening nearly every major urban area in the United States.

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Verification Statement: Davis White & Patterson
February 5, 2020
Verification Statement: Onion Creek
February 5, 2020
Verification Report: Davis White, Paterson, and Onion Creek
February 5, 2020