Elizabeth Township, PA - Buena Vista Heights Conservation Area Project
Elizabeth Township, PA
Project Operator: Allegheny Land Trust
Type: Preservation
# of Acres: 126
Credits: In Development

Allegheny Land Trust (ALT) is working with the local community in southeastern Allegheny County to permanently protect 155 acres of woodlands from rapidly encroaching residential development.  The hilltop plateau and surrounding slopes of this undeveloped tract of land lie entirely within the lower Youghiogheny River Watershed just five miles upstream from the popular recreational river’s confluence with the Monongahela River, and only ten linear miles upstream from the City of Pittsburgh.  A large portion of the Pittsburgh Region’s residents draw their drinking water from the Monongahela River just downstream from this confluence.

The three contiguous parcels of land that comprise the proposed Buena Vista Heights Conservation Area are fully platted for a proposed residential development that if completed would convert 126 acres of the property from woodlands to the streets, lawns and rooftops of a typical planned suburban subdivision with more than 150 homes.  The previous phase of this development resulted in such just such a development whose streets currently dead end into the woodlands.

The acquisition of this land by Allegheny Land Trust and its subsequent protection as the 155-acre Buena Vista Heights Conservation Area will enable its continued sequestration of an estimated 626,000 pounds of carbon and the absorbing of 128 million gallons per year helping locally to provide cleaner air and cleaner water to the residents of Southwestern Pennsylvania, and globally to mitigate CO2 increases in the atmosphere.

In addition to these considerable sustainability and resiliency benefits, Buena Vista Heights will be open to the public 365 days a year for passive recreational uses including hiking, birding, mountain biking and selective hunting.

The sale of these carbon credits will enable Allegheny Land Trust to acquire and sustainably steward this land and purse potential future expansion of this and other conservation lands.

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February 5, 2020
February 26, 2020