Project Registry

Our organization will accept and track projects, verify compliance with the protocol, and issue certified credits to projects

Trees shape the identity of urban neighborhoods. From the grand conifers of the Pacific Northwest to the majestic live oaks of the Southeast, across the nation our urban trees define the distinct character of our communities. The proximity to nature in our urban settings enriches our lives and improves our health. City Forest Credits offers an opportunity to celebrate our collective connection to trees.

City Forest Credits is working with local stakeholders on over twenty projects and programs in cities and towns throughout the U.S. that are in various stages of development. Public agencies and non-profits are focusing not just on single projects but on developing longer-term programs that can connect city forests with a new type of funding. Each city has their own story, part of the rich tapestry of America’s urban forests and the people who both live within and manage this critical and under-funded public resource.

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